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  How to register

  1. In the menu bar, register by clicking "Login / New Bidder" button.  Click the "New Bidder"  button.
    Enter your email address when prompted. A new window will pop up instructing you to complete 
    your account information. The username and password that is created will be utilized for all future online auctions. 
    Important: The information provided when setting up the bidder account will be the information automatically assigned
    on the title work. No changes will be made. Once your account has been set up  select the auction that you wish to bid in by

    clicking on the title of the auction or by clicking the "View Catalog" button. Click on the "Register to Bid" button. Enter
    your user  name and password then accept the Terms & Conditions. You are now ready to bid.


    How to place a bid

  1. Once registered, select the lot you wish to place a bid on. You may click the "Bid (amount here)" button for a one time bid, or
    enter your "Maximum Auto Bid" by selecting the lot and physically typing in the highest you are willing to bid for that lot. 


  2. Technical bidding details to understand and consider: 

  • Soft Close: All lots end with a "Soft Close." A "Soft Close" means that if any bid is placed within the last three (3) minutes of
    the close of the Auction, the bid will automatically extend the closing time an additional three (3) minutes. Example: If a bid
    is placed at two (2) minutes before close, it will extend the closing time to five (5) minutes. This feature protects Bidders from
    being outbid without the opportunity to be notified, and therefore allows a Bidder to place another bid before the close
    of the Auction.


  • Placing a "Maximum Auto Bid": Please be aware that when placing your "Maximum Bid", the website will bid on the Bidder's behalf at the preset bid increment until the Bidder’s "Maximum bid" is exceeded. At that point, the Bidder will be notified that they have been outbid (if that option is selected when registering). High Bidder will only pay one increment more than the competing Bidder. Please watch the Auction’s closing time to determine exactly when the lot will close.

  • Placing a bid on items with "Reserve": Please be aware that when you place a bid on a item that has a reserve on it the amount
    you enter will be the bid. It only allows you to put in bid. So there is no max bid option on items with reserve.     


        "I Placed a bid, but it says Pending"

       Pending Bids are bids that are placed that are not immediately accepted or put into effect by the Auction company.
       Typical reasons for pending bids 

  • Bidder Reputation: We are part of a nationwide network of auctioneers that utilize the Hibid bidding platform. Hibid has
    developed a rating system for Bidders to protect auctioneers. Bidders accrue points placing bids
    and registering for auctions. Any time a Bidder is permanently declined by an auctioneer, the bidder
    loses 15-20 points. If a bidder has a negative score, he or she may not be able to bid with other auctioneers
    on the Hibid platform.

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